Thursday, August 26, 2004

Indonesian Election Update: Analysis From NSF

Indonesia has finished first round of president general election. It open a way for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, which gain 39.838.184 voices (33.574 % from all voters), and Megawati Soekarnoputri-Hasyim Muzadi, which gain 31.569.104 voices (26,60% from all voters), to second round of president general election. We think these two couple won't bring better condition for democratic transition process in Indonesia. They will not finish Indonesian people's problem. The essence of general election in Indonesia is a procedural mechanism, which use by the politic elite to voter mobilization for their interest. In Indonesia, the party doesn do their function to execute people's politic education. This makes a politic, for Indonesian, is once ritual for five year. It is very clear if we looked general election campaign which the party gives people a promise sale like free for education fee, give money and shirt etc. This showed how the floating mass politic is still stronghold in Indonesia.

In 2004 president general election, people has an opportunity to direct election but in an essence it didn't reflect the democratization. Voice deceit case in first round president general election in Al Zaytun Muslim Boarding School, Indramayu, VCD case in Banjarnegara (that show how Indonesian military take side), and the result of NDI, LSI and LP3ES survey that take side to one of couple of president candidate (Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono-M. Jusuf Kalla) has show there is no democratization. There is only a party with strong infrastructure, strong financial and military support will dominate politic in Indonesia.

The Indonesian general election is never apart with interest of imperialist. The imperialist has interest to make a oll government?in third country to gain much profit. They need a government who guaranteed their interest for modal flow, invest, to exploitation their natural resource etc. Because of that, the politicians are only think about their-self how get allows from imperialist. They always make majority people in poor condition, can get good education etc. Imperialist need good boy?to implement deregulation, privatization, get foreign debt, anti-terrorism campaign etc. Both of president candidates in a much time, at their campaign, say that they can guarantee foreign investment in Indonesia.

Megawati-Hasyim Muzadi and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Jusuf Kalla is a same. They will not fight for Indonesian Democratization, have military support, and have a support from imperialist. Because of that in second round president general election, on September 5th 2004, we exclamation for all the member of National Student Front not to give their voice in general election.