Tuesday, August 03, 2004

When funding come from the Conflict of Interest..

Here are some of the interesting discussion about the Bayer donates money to the UNEP Youth and Environment Program in the egroup WSSD-Youth Caucus:

"Yet another shocking display of coperate "power-tricks". And is the UN agency indeed prepared to go so low to the level of engaging in such unethical deal? No matter the good intentions and objectives or how badly the agency needs cash, there cant be any excuse for such a thing since I don’t think the UN environmental agency can claim to be unaware of Bayer’s record." said by Mavuli

"What does the UENP Youth Advisory council say about this? Where they informed about it? Did they "advise" on this being a good move...? Maybe they can shed more light on this and provide us with greater clarity! asked by Dumisani Nyoni

The whole deal between the Bayer with the UNEP was published in press released that put on the official website of the UNEP. The whole process really raise up a lot of issues that need to be clarify.

Regarding the dispute, the UNEP Youth Advisory for the Asia and the Pacific, Alan Wu clearly stated that: So while Bayer has a questionable environmental record, and I doubt that young people had any say in UNEP's engagement with it, it's money is being put to good use in funding activities that, in their subject matter at least, are free from corporate interference."

This is always the excuse of the people who benefit from the funding allocation. They always forget that those money really came from the exploitation, violation of justice and damages they did.

Just like the ASA condemns the World Bank and always been critical to the projects that carried out by the World Bank with the Youth organization in the world. They have to be very clear that those organization are getting the advantages from the people who suffering by the bad debts of the World Bank.

This is just a peak of the iceberg. There are still a lot of this collaboration going on in the world. We shall always bear in mind and check all those deals.