Thursday, August 26, 2004

Are you interested to host 16th ASA General Conference?

We are pleased to inform all of you that we are holding the 16th ASA General Conference end of June next year. The proposed date is June 26-30.This is the decision came out after the Exco Meeting in the World Youth Festival, Barcelona. In this regard, we wish to open the floor for the possible venue of the said conference. If you are interested in hosting this, please send us a proposal or a letter expressing your intent. Please include here a proposed budget which we in the ExCo could look into and deliberate upon.

Few consideration that you might notice are as follow:
  1. Capacity and manpower of the local host organization.
  2. Political impact
  3. Recent history
  4. Affordability and convenience
  5. Visa access and affordability
  6. A place for exposure

Please send us your reply to this humble letter on or before September 15, 2004. More information you can reach the ASA Secretariat through