Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp in Dispute?!

September 12 is the Legislative Council Election. There were some mistakes and technical problems by the Election affairs Commission. The ballot boxes were not enough provided to the polling stations.

However, the voting rate reached to the new high, 55.6%. The result was not satisfied by many pro-democracy supporters especially when the Hong Kong Island candidate Cyd Ho failed to retain her seat in the Legco.

The publicity and the coordination among the pro-democracy camp in the votes allocation became the focus of the dispute. Some even blamed the Democrat Party "killed" Cyd Ho by the drastic change in the publicity to ensure Martin Lee, the "father of democracy in Hong Kong" can enter the Legco.

The outcome really surprise and made a lot of people heart-break. The list of Yong Sam and Martin Lee won a huge votes and Cyd Ho lost to candidate from DAB about 800 votes. Many people feel sad and even criticised the Democrats Party. They request the President of Democrats to resign.

Furthermore, the total seats that Democrat manage to won in the Legco became the third big party after the DAB and Liberal Party. For the last term, Democrats is the biggest party in the Legco. The Democrats not only failed to deny the Pro-Beijing majority, but failed to maintain the seat that they hold.

The development of the Hong Kong democracy always get the attention of the world because of the "One Country Two System" after the handover from the British Colonial to the People Republic of China. Let keep our eye on the development, the ASA will always keep you update about the development in Hong Kong.