Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Good Bye Jiang Zemin

Former president Jiang Zemin step downed from the major post as chairman of the Central Military Commission. Hu Jintao as the President of China's become his successor, the government said Sunday, completing the country's first peaceful leadership transition since its 1949 revolution.

Mr. Jiang, whose term was to have run until 2007, handed in his resignation during a meeting of the ruling Communist Party's Central Committee, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Mr. Jiang, a former Shanghai mayor, was plucked from obscurity by then-supreme leader Deng Xiaoping to lead the party in 1989 after Tiananmen Massacre, pro-democracy protests and an internal power struggle threatened to tear it apart.

Mr. Deng nominated Mr. Hu as Mr. Jiang's successor in the early 1990s, setting in motion a succession that was just completed.

This power transition brought us to many scenario as China as the power on rise in the world. Here, we lay down some questions for all of us to think aloud.

1. How the political reform in China going to take
place? Will it speedy up as the people always said as the Jiang Zemin still
there, the reform hardly to take place?

2. Will Taiwan Straits conflict will have a better
resolution? Will the negotiation resume? Here we also can see the Republic of
China already showed their position on the Jiang's step down.

3. For the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp, will it be the
opportunity for the struggle towards universal suffrage in 2007/2008? How far
the power transition affect the democracy struggle in Hong Kong?

The development will be very interesting for us to follow up. Please send us your comments and even suggestion for us to take the next step for our movement.