Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Uphold our future of our world: FIGHT FOR EDUCATION!

Solidarity Message of Asian Students Association to Front Mahasiswa Nasional
on their National Education Day of Indonesia
May 2, 2005

We in the Asian Students Association (ASA) express our strongest solidarity with the Front Mahasiswa Nasional and all the Indonesian students and youth on the occasion of their National Education Day.

With the onslaught of imperialist globalization through the World Trade Organization and the like, education is becoming one of big profit making enterprises all over the Asia. State universities are forced to privatize as governments cut down education subsidies while inviting international institutions and private business companies to support higher education. Support, however, means business, literally.

The Indonesian government has the highest priority on the military as there is no taking responsibility in education. Cutting down their budget on this social service as opposed to hefty chunks spent on modernization of their respective armed forces and police.

Education is the key to the future of the youth and of the world but the schools in Indonesia are becoming virtual refugee camps. Continuous conflicts and military attacks in Aceh and some parts of Indonesia destroy every student’s dream of and right to education. More and more youths are becoming unemployed and forced to go abroad for work.

The youth and students are the heirs of this world. Their vibrancy and promise is significant and should not be muddled by conservatism and false traditions. Like all oppressed peoples, they too are dominated and hence should struggle for their right.

We are one and in solidarity with the Indonesian students and youth in their struggle to uphold and protect their right to education.
Onward with the struggle for peace based on justice, democracy and freedom!

Long Live the Student and Youth Movement in Indonesia!
Long Live the Student and Youth Movement in Asia Pacifc!Long Live International Solidarity!

Madhav Nepal, Lee Khai Loon, Rey Asis
Regional Secretariat 2002-2005