Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Are they terrorists or friends of people?

These are the names that King Gyanendra of Nepal has associated with the word terrorist:

Thakur Gairay, Yagyaraj Sunuwar, Rajan Rai, Urmila Karki, Khagendra Khanal, Bijaya Rai, Ramkumari Jhakri, Janakraj Awasti, Kishore Bikram Mala, Mohan Gautam, Ushakiran Timilsina, Umesh Sharma, Bhakta Kumar Lama, Yagyaraj Pant, Yagyaraj Dhungana, Prakash Neupani, Chinranjivi Poudel, Paruel Chetri, Debnarayan Prarami, Parmeshwar Ghimire, Sudhir Shah and Govinda Gautam.

Likewise, these are the names of student leaders from the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), one of the largest student organizations in Nepal and member of the Asian Students Association, who are in jail right now.

Terrorism, in the king’s twisted definition, appears to be the struggle for the reinstallation of democracy and just peace in Nepal.

The ANNFSU has a long history of struggle for leading the youth and students movement in Nepal and has been greatly involved in the struggle for liberation in Nepal. Established in 1965, the union has broke the autocratic monarchic rule of Panchayat and successfully won the campaign for his ouster in 1990.

Once again, the ANNFSU is intensifying its fight for justice and peace in Nepal. But they are not alone as the ASA and the international communities are with them and the Nepalese people in their struggle.