Monday, April 25, 2005

Pakistani Students Resist Musharraf's Dictatorship

The situation in Pakistan is getting from worse to worst for political activists and workers after a great strike on March 31 in 82% area of Pakistan, mainly in three provinces of the NWFP, the SINDH, the BALOCHISTAN.

The successful strike called by the Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement led brought General Musharraf to arrest more than 100 political workers and members of the party and the alliance.

He further spread the political repression across Pakistan by ordering the High Court of the state to issue bans on political actions and movements in educational institutions. Consequently, the High Court has ordered universities, colleges and schools to strike out from their list students who are or have been involved in political actions.

Police forces have likewise been deployed in universities making them virtually a military ground. More than 250 policemen are in Quetta University, one of the largest government universities, and the only Medical College in “our Province and City”.

Mr. Ahmed Jan, the Central First Secretary of Pakistani Students Organization, and Kabeer Afghan, member of Central Committee, and four others were arrested by the University Police.

This recent event speaks well of the atrocity and the magnitude of political repression our government inflicts on the students and people of Pakistan. The illegal arrest and detention of our officers will further intensify our struggle to resist the ban and all forms of reaction from the state.

The Pakistani Student Organization and all Pakistani students shall continue resisting the dictatorship of General Musharraf.