Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Singapore Rebel: A documentary that withdrew from Cannes

UPDATE: Many of us know about Singapore is popular with her "civil liberties" restriction. There are different of state control on the Singaporean in daily life from public behaviour to political stands. Today just want to share with you about restriction of the filmmakers in Singapore especially when their creative ideas or outputs become the threats of the authoritarian Singaporean government.

From the South China Morning Post (SCMP), in Hong Kong,

Yet, for local filmmakers the path to more creativity is paved with
dangers, as Martyn See discovered recently. On Monday, he was invited for
questioning by the police, over his documentary Singapore Rebel, which,
according to his website, chronicles the civil disobedience acts of opposition
activist Chee Soon Juan.

Two months ago, he withdrew the film from the city's international film
festival on the advice of organisers.

Now, police are investigating whether the film contravenes the Films Act,
which states that it is an offence to make, distribute or exhibit party
political films. If convicted, See could face two years in jail or a fine of up
to S$100,000 ($470,500).

This is not something new in Singapore. The Singaporean government is famous with their defamation trials. Many of the opposition party leaders have to declare bankruptcy after the lawsuit. Our filmmaker in Singapore really have a tough time. Let's us keep our solidarity with the Singaporean who fight against the repressive government.