Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Reflection of the Global Anti Poverty Movement

There was an interesting article titled with "Personal view: Rock-star economics are not helping poor
, written by Franklin Cudjoe, Director of the Centre for Humane Education (Imani).

In his article, he mentioned about the following,

But the real problem is not the IMF, World Bank or "rigged" trade rules. The problem lies with us as Africans and especially our leaders, to improve our own wellbeing, and to encourage economic growth through political and institutional reforms.

The solution to all that ails us is not aid, debt relief or "fair trade". It is to adopt institutions to harness the
entrepreneurial spirit that exists in every African country, to enable Africans to trade with each other and
anyone else in the world.

I think his views can become a reflection for the campaign against the globalization. As ASA always emphasize in the public gathering and meeting, the local cohorts of the WTO, IMF, WB and other international institution are the target of the anti people agenda. Therefore, we have to stress on this matters.