Saturday, January 15, 2005

Online Discussion on the Education of Women

ANNOUNCEMENT: The UNESCO website will hold the 4 weeks online discussion on the education of women and girls. The online discussion will start from Jan 10 to Feb 4 with 4 different topics.

Week 1: Universal Access to Education, still a challenge to many women and girls

Week 2: Quality of Education and impact of the outcomes

Week 3: Political and financial commitments of the governments and the international community

Week 4: Education and Empowerment of the women and girls

Education is the seasoned campaign of the ASA. Every year we invite by the UNESCO to attend their consultation meeting to provide our views on the education. For those who are able to access the internet, we hope you can utilise the technology by provide your valuable views.

The ASA secretariat is very much enthusiastic to invite all of you to speak out your ideas and comments to the UNESCO Online Discussion. For those who are going to participate the ASA Southeast Asia Women Training Program (SEAWTP), you really have to allocate sometime to look on the question and think over it.

If you have the paper for those particular topic, please forward to the ASA secretariat at . We are going to publish a book for the women situation in Southeast Asia before you attend the ASA program.

How to participate? You can get from here!