Monday, January 10, 2005

Beware Second Tsunami Hit!

ANALYSIS: The ASA received an important email from the General Secretary of the World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP) that based in Sri Lanka. As the Sri Lankan people suffering from the Tsunami hit since last December 26, Herman Kumara on behalf the WFFP reveal a lot of concerns about the existance of the US Marines, Indian, Pakistan and Canadian troops in their homeland.

He said Bush adminstration considers Sri Lanka as a threat to the American interest. Therefore, they have very hard time ever than the Tsunami attacked because of the US occupation in the region.

Rebuild Sri Lanka? What kind of Rebuild?

From his email, we knew that the President of Sri Lanka, Chandrika only appointed the top class business community in the speacial task force to rebuild Sri Lanka. World Bank (WB) plays a vital roles and even at the top of the task force.

The Sri Lankan people were not allowed to build their home within 300 meter from the coast. 2000 high tech fleets from Canada will arrive in Sri Lanka. Both relief actions that take by the government and foreign aid are see as follow:

"We see this as the plan of action amidst the tsunamis crisis to hand
over the sea and the coast to companies and tourism. Government want to have
their own development plan without consult any one from the below. "

"We are really worry about the development plan which will be announced by
15th January by our president. That is the same PRSP program with military
assistance of the US Marines. If any one go against the plan will be in jail
according to the president and her closest minister announced by media two days

He even praised the Indian government for rejecting the foreign aids with military backings. Indian government and people is wise and lucky from his views. However, they didn't give up to the situation and decide to have the national conference on the Rebuilding Sri Lanka and the alternatives.

The ASA already mentioned about the politic of the foreign aids before. Now the negatve impacts already appeared in Sri Lanka. The livelihood of the people is jeorpadized by political motives. The statement that made by Herman can serve as an alert to other region that received foreign aids.

We shall not compromise with our national sovereignty by accepting the foreign aids. Even there are no any resolution that the region will be occupied by the US or other foreign military forces, but the case in Sri Lanka already proof enough for us to take precautious step.

We shall monitor the whole relief operation!