Monday, January 10, 2005

Malaysian students hold "Free Aceh, Save Life" vigil night!

UPDATE: The Tsunami hit many part of the Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Aceh is the most serious part especially the Banda Aceh. The whole city was destroyed by the tidal wave. Many relief efforts was took place there.

Another conflict that always affected the people livelihood in Aceh is the armed conflict between the Indonesia Military (TNI) and Aceh Independent Movement (GAM). We welcome the cease fire from the both side after the Tsunami attacked. However, there are still a lot of restriction for the relief operation to take place there.

Therefore, ASA's member in Malaysia, DEMA together with other 24 student organizations across the country will hold a vigil night for the Tsunami's Strike. Their main theme is "Free Aceh Today, Save Lives Now!"

With the joint statement that mentioned about the situation in Aceh,

The Indonesian armed forces are now continuing their military
operations in Aceh and are frustrating the delivery of aid to the victims of the
earthquake and tsunami. Rather than helping the people, in a number of areas the
troops are intimidating villagers, scaring them away from their villages,
looting their homes, and stealing food.

They call the Indonesian Military,

The Indonesian military should immediately implement a cease-fire so
that aid can flow without restrictions to all effected areas irrespective of any
perceived political affiliations. This humanitarian disaster goes beyond
political divisions - it is about the survival of those left.

Please support the call from the Malaysian students. You can show the support through attend their vigil night. Following are the details of the vigil night:

Date: 10 January 2005 (Monday)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Indonesia Embassy
Industrial and Trade Attache
Jalan Tun Razak No. 233

The ASA remain the solidarity to the Malaysian people and students to free Aceh. This is another major concerns that International Aid should focus on. We call the Malaysian people to support the call of Malaysian students.