Friday, January 07, 2005

Australia: It's time for International Students to React the Higher Fees

UPDATE: Australia always become one of the destination for the developing countries from Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia to study. Many students from those countries prefer to study there because of the education quality and the tuition fee relatively cheaper than US and other UK.

Three decades ago, the Australian government provided subsidies for the students from the Third World to study free or same fees with the local student in Australia. However, since the privatization and the internationalization of the higher education in Australia, student from the Third World unable to enjoy such assistance.

However, more serious is what we can see now. The tuition fee for the oversea students is increasing by time to time. It's why the international student couldn't keep silence anymore.

According to The Australian, National Liaison Committee for International Students in Australia spokesman Aditya Tater said students were reporting "big differences" in quality between universities, regardless of fees charged.

"The prices for the various courses are going up every year but the
quality is staying the same," he said. "If you look at Singapore and Malaysia,
student numbers from those countries have gone down because their education
systems have improved and students are staying there. In certain cases, the
course fees are quite high, they are almost up there with the US."

Anyway, the whole debate still surounding in the competence of the tuition fee. Even some of the debate covered the quality but we in the ASA think the education already seriously become the commodity. Everyone can get a degree if you have the money. It lost the purpose of the education.

We hope more student will come out and speak for their rights. Education is a rights and not a privilege!