Saturday, December 11, 2004

Taiwan Parliamentary Election: Who will get more than 50% of the seats?

After the controversial Presidential Election in the early of 2004, Taiwanese today have another opportunity to elect their legislature in the parliament.

The most interesting part is the President led ruling coalition and the opposition coalition both are claiming to get more than 50% of the 225-seats. What will happened to the result? The counting is going on now. The result will come out very soon.

Anyway, the victory on this election will likely to provide the confident for Chen Shui-bian to promote the new Taiwan campaign. Once again, it will increase the tension of the strait again. The China will be very worry about the result of the coming legislature election. However, the Chinese official seems more wisely to response this time. There were no "provocative" and emotional statements from the Chinese officials.

Let's keep the update time to time. The ASA will update about the situation as soon as we got any breaking news.