Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Important Announcement

Greetings from the Secretariat!

The World Youth Festival in Barcelona from August 8 to 14 is very close from now. We hope that all of you have prepared all the documents and materials that might be useful to share with the youth and students around the world.

There are some important stuffs that you must prepare before your departure to Barcelona:
1. Paper presentation on the impacts of globalization on education in your respective countries.

2. Paper presentation on the current national issues such as conflict of war on terror and democracy development.

3. National or traditional costumes, fashion and other materials that can present the participants about the Asian culture.

4. Any kind of the documentaries, films and photos that can present the cultural, language and other customs of the Asia.

5. Some special games, funny jokes and interactive activities that might get the interest and the attention of the participants.

For your information, we hope all of you can arrive in Barcelona before August 8. There will be a brief meeting on the evening of the August 7. The main purpose of the briefing is to provide the ASA delegates have the picture and understand their roles in the proper program of the World Youth Festival.

We shall always update the information about the technical arrangement. Hope to see you all in Barcelona. Any further clarification can refer to the ASA secretariat.

Let's join the festival and burn the Asian spirits there!