Friday, July 02, 2004

What is the response from the Beijing Government?

After the July 1 mass rally with the 530,000 protesters turnout to call for the universal suffrage, many of the people is so curious and looking forward the response of the Beijing government.

Even the Chief Executive Tung Chee Wah expressed the SAR government listened the call of the protesters, the Hong Kong people not really care about the statement of Tung. He lost his credibilities and confident from the Hong Kong people. Even he said the SAR will seriously response to the people calls, people still not trust his statement because he didn't even answer the journalists questions. He really needs to present a concrete action to response to the people demands.

Then who are the main the actors in this incident? We knew that the people of Hong Kong already asked and demanded the political rights from the Beijing government. Even some of the investors already express that the mass rally will not affect the attraction of the foreign direct investment (FDI). Therefore, this is the time for the Beijing government to positively response the people's mass rally.

Once again, the Beijing government reaffirmed that the foreign countries should not interfere the internal affairs of the China. After the handover, Hong Kong enjoy the freedom, democracy and the high degree of autonomy.

Another resources that we can assess the responses from the mass media in China. The main Communist Party newspaper, People's Daily, citing an unnamed person in the Chinese Foreign Ministry liaison office in Hong Kong said "The people of Hong Kong have always maintained the right and freedom to assemble, march and protest"

The report said some marchers used slogans that were "inappropriate and not in keeping with the common aspirations of the Hong Kong people for stability, development and harmony."

With this kind of response, I don't think it will cool down or even satisfied the people's demand. Let us see someone from the higher level position leadership will provide their opinion and view.