Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Dear readers,

Warmest greetings from the ASA secretariat!

From 8th July to 14th July, the ASA office in HK will empty due to all the secretariat members out of HK. Three of them have different occasion in different countries.

Madhav will in Nepal to meet his new born baby. Actually he was in Paris before he went back to Kathmandu. We hope he will enjoy his stay in Nepal with his family.

Rey is now in the Geneva for the GCCC meeting. This meeting will be attended by the different regional youth organizations and the international organization to discuss about the recent international issues and the further cooperation.

For Khai Loon, he go back to his hometown to join his brother wedding. After that, he will stay in Bangkok for the preparation of the South East Asia Women Training Program.

Please always update with us and we shall keep our struggles going on.

See you soon!