Friday, July 02, 2004

July 1: What it means to Hong Kong People?

July 1 is the day for the 7th Anniversary of the Hong Kong handover from the British colonial to the People Republic of China. It's a celebration because it's a statutory public holiday.

July 1 also the day for the general Hong Kong people to go on the street and fight for their political rights. Even the yesterda weather in the hottest in the Hong Kong, it didn't stop the people from went to the street and express their demands. There was still 530,000 people turnout even the Beijing central government already denied the universal suffrage in 2007 for the Chief Executive and 2008 for the Legislative Council.

Since last April, the Standing Committee of the National People Committee (NPC) intepreted that Basic Laws that there will be no direct election in 2007 and 2008. It caused a lot of disagreement among the Hong Kong people because of the "interference" of the autonomy of the Hong Kong or even the one country two systems.

Several countries like US, also treat China as one of the rising power that threaten to US superpower, already reiterated their supports to the Hong Kong democracy movement. Former colonial governor in Hong Kong, Chris Patten, who is currently hold the EU External Relation Commissioner said the Hong Kong people should be given a greater political voice in running the enclave.

What do you think about their statements? Are you agree with them that the Hong Kong people should be given more voices?