Monday, June 13, 2005

How the politic intervention in the universities in Malaysia?

UPDATE: As we always update with you about the universities situation in Malaysia especially the case of ISA 7 and the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA), now we in the ASA secretariat will present you with another case that proved the political intervention in the university administration.

Of course, we advocates for the campus democracy and autonomy. The autonomy and democracy will only come true as the whole nation political situation democratized. Without a proper climate, the struggle for the campus democracy and autonomy just like build up the castle in the sky. Something impossible.

Therefore, the experience of the University Malaya (UM) Economist Associate Professor Dr. Terence Gomez can be our lesson and topic of discussion. He was tendered his resignation after the university didn't approve his two-year secondment to take up a research post in the United Nation (UN).

Some ridiculous remarks from the Higher Education Minister, Dr Shafie like

"As the minister, I have the power to hire and fire, so I have revoked his resignation."

"This means he will rejoin UM once his secondment to the United Nations has ended."

Imagine such an arrogant statement from a government servant still allowed to be the minister. How can the Malaysian so generous with their minister? What actually with those politician think who they are? Are they the one who decided the future of the education? Where they put our academician and the people?

Therefore, we hope the Malaysian Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA) will take up these issues as the starting point for the education discussion. We in the ASA will always keep the update through the ASA Blog. More importantly, your inputs are very essential for the ideas generation!