Saturday, June 11, 2005

Philippine Youth Call to Oust Gloria!

BREAKING NEWS: The ASA Secretariat received an open letter from the Anakbayan, a mass youth organization in Philippine who also work closely with the ASA on several issues such as education and employment issues. The situation in Philippine never become better even after the Estrada. It only more rampant.

The open letter forward to all the Philippine Youth from Anakbayan. They called the youth to resume their historical duty, to oust the president who has lost moral ascendancy, legal mandate and credibility to stay in power.

According to the Anakbayan's open letter,

The past few weeks have revealed the Arroyo administration's extreme
isolation and low esteem from tax and price hikes, jueteng and corruption
scandals and the president's latest popularity plunge an all-time low since

The evidence does not lie. She cheated and betrayed public trust for
her selfish interest to usurp power. The audio tape is only the last straw. From
the first day she assumed office, her credibility has constantly been
questioned. We see no reason to believe anything she has to say now.

Tape or no tape, the youth has had enough. President Arroyo will never
be sincere in addressing the youth's interests. For all her conceit and
condescension, she has failed to learn a lesson from her deposed

If you want to learn more about the tape, you can read the news from BBC. However, we can see the anger and determination from the Philippine youth. The corruption and the inflation of the daily goods already made the people's life suffering.

Youth place Arroyo in Power!

More importantly, the youth strongly declared that Arroyo is the one who get in to be the President through the People's Power II. Youth forces are the important sector who push for the People's Power II.

"The Filipino youth was one of the most powerful force which placed President Arroyo in power. Now, we have more than enough reason to hasten her inevitable ouster," according the Open Letter of Anakbayan.

The ASA will always update with you about the campaign to oust the Gloria. At the same time, we will stand together with the Philippine youth and student in their steadfast campaign and action.