Wednesday, June 08, 2005

IMF's Plan requests Iraqi Govt to cut jobs and social program!

UPDATE: According the New Standard, the new Iraqi government is considering a plan to slash the government spending by eliminating the some public sector jobs and cutting popular subsidies for electricity and oil products.

Laith Kubba, the government spokeperson said the budget cut are mandated under a debt reduction plan sponsored by the IMF, would allow the private sector to expand in areas that government services are reduced.

We cannot tolerate this level of overburdening the government," Kubba said. "We'd like to make sure that those who are in need are protected." But Kubba added, "Currently, it's a free-for-all" when it comes to deciding where exactly to reduce government spending. Without saying how many jobs will be eliminated, he warned that budget cuts "will be a bit painful."

This is something should be stop as the Iraqi people life are under threats. Their life always been in instability and trouble with all kind of killings. The transitional government should ensure the people can have a decent life under the conflict.

IMF once again promote the neo-colonialism agenda and only serve the interest of the US imperialism. With the neo-con policies and the "democratization project" in the Middle East, more and more countries in the world including the Iraq are under the attacked. At the same time, we also need to reveal the local cohorts of the US imperialism that only serve for their own interests.

Therefore, the resistance of the Iraqi people is so crucial. The US troops should out of Iraq. The Iraqi people have the rights to self determination.