Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How Iraq liberated? Agricultural Perspective

UPDATE: Iraq, a "liberated" country that emerged as a new market opportunity for American agribusiness. They aren't wasting any time to exploit Iraq'a fragile food sector, battered by decades of war and sanction.

US exports wheat, rice, soybean products and poultry to Iraq all ballooned in 2003 after the sanctions were lifted. The American project extends beyond prying this revived market away from Australia and other nations that did agricultural business with Saddam Hussein.

How liberated will Iraq agricultural sector?

1. Privatizing state-run food companies;

2. Phasing out farm subsidies;

3. Boosting food prices;

4. Introducing genetically altered seeds that are patented and not reusable.

This will be a comprehensive neoliberal strategy to open up and deregulate Iraq's market.

For more reading, please read "Plowing Iraq for Profits" by Christopher D. Cook.