Sunday, December 05, 2004

ASA Celebrated International HR Days in Hong Kong

UPDATE: The ASA together with the Hong Kong Federation of Students joined the International Human Rights Day Carnival in Mongkok, Hong Kong. We had registered a counter to deliver the ASA brochures and the promotion of the PRO-RACE activity.

At the same time, HKFS also distributed the newsletter, orientation book and leaflet about the political reform in Hong Kong. It's a great opportunity to reach out the public in Hong Kong because Mongkok is a hottest shooping area. We managed to distibute all the materials that you brought.

Actually the International HR Day Carnival was participated by more than 20 organizations in Hong Kong. From student to women groups, the democracy advocates also participated in the Carnival. Different kind of activities were carries out. Each counter had some interactive activities for the visitors. It's really a great event for the Hong Kong people to learn the Human Rights education.

For the ASA, Khai Loon, member from the Secretariat also speaked on the Internal Security Act (ISA). The theme of the Carnival is about the Detention without trial. The ISA in Malaysia and even Singapore are the best case study for the Hong Kong people to understand the damage and the seriousness of the Internal Security Act to the civil liberty and human rights.

Different organization also present their perspective about the HR and the issues of discrimination. Due to the legislation of the racial discrimination in Hong Kong, the organizer also conducted a special forum for the discussion about the racial discrimination in Hong Kong.

The whole activity started from 2pm to 5pm. People still busy with their shopping activity. At least, people get to know about the International Human Rights Day before or after or during they shop.