Sunday, June 27, 2004

June 30: Power transfer a fake in Iraq

As we all know that the US imperialist will officially transfer the "sovereignty" to the Iraqi people. With the presence of the US and its allies troops in Iraq, the occupation will exist. This step represents an even more dangerous link in the chain of manoeuvres and tactical tricks employed by the occupying forces in order to legalize the occupation and to continue their crimes against our country; all this now takes place under a “national” guise.

The new government is nothing else than a copy of the Governing Council which has fallen into disrepute as it served as an instrument of occupation. The government does in no way reflect the patriotic aspirations of our people striving for the liberation of our occupied territory as well as the realisation of full sovereignty and national independence.

Facing the strengthening and spreading of the struggle of Iraqi people against the occupants and their lackeys on one hand and the foundering of the Governing Council in the swamps of corruption and crimes against Iraqi people on the other hand!

In another word, this new miserable trick seems to be their last resort especially after their cruel crimes in the prison of Abu Ghraib became known.

The occupants tried to employ the cunning mediator Al Akhdhar al Ibrahimi in order to give the appointed cabinet and president international legitimacy. Obeying to American order the praising words of some Arab rulers followed swiftly.

All institutions created by the occupants form part of the plans to perpetuate the occupation in Iraq. Their only aim:

1. to serve the occupation,
2. to safeguard their absolute control over the wealth in Iraq,
3. to realize the American-Zionist colonial project,
4. to rob the resources in Iraq,
5. to destroy the history of Iraq, and
6. to erase their Islamic-Arabic heritage.

The appointed prime minister has already announced that he will demand the continued presence of the occupying armed forces in Iraq!

Let's us fight together with the Iraqi people. The US and its allies troops should be out of middle east now!