Saturday, June 26, 2004

US failed to bid war crimes immunity!

Finally, we manage to get US war crimes on justice. Such ridiculuous that US Army can immune from the charges to the International Criminal Court (ICC). How can US have such a privilege? Every human being will make mistake. Sometimes the mistake will affect a lot of people life and dignity. How can we allowed this kind of mistake such as war crime continue to happened?

Even the ICC can only prosecute crimes committed after July 1, 2002 and perpetrated by nationals of a country that signed the 1998 Rome treaty creating the court, or that were committed on the territory of signatory states. But this is the good progress of the civilization history. We really need to ensure the justice of the world will be uphold.

It's the Anti War movement victory because the US finally couldn't stand for the pressures after the Abu-Graib jail prison abusement. There were a lot of sriminal case which conducted by the US army couldn't bring to justice. It will the people victory and the victory for the justice.

Let's us make it again to free the Iraq from the US occupation!