Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Regional Alliance Calls US Troops Out!

UPDATE: The existence of the US troops in the different part of the world already create the uneasiness of the hosting countries and even neighbouring countries. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a regional alliance that founded in Shanghai in 2001, called the US troop to withdraw from their territories.

According to Associated Press, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, at a summit in the Kazakh capital, said in a declaration that a withdrawal date should be stated in light of the decline of active fighting in Afghanistan.

Chinese leader Hu Jintao said at the summit that "we have to make every effort to step up security cooperation or else all our talks about stability will be pointless"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said β€˜β€˜new regional threats are of a trans-border nature. ... There are people who place orders and execute them. Our task is to find them and render them harmless and also to prevent their activity.’’

Such a new regional alliance will be more in different region. How will it be besides to address the security, economic and cooperation? Will it be another bloc to balance up the influence of the US in different region? As China and Russia are the traditional big powers in the international politic arena, the US will not easily to withdraw their troops out of the region, what will happen?

As a progressive student organization, how we position ourselves under such a regional formation? Instead of welcome such a formation, what important position that we need to insist? Hopefully some of you can provide us with your analysis or even your comment.